Ambrogio Robot

A Legend in your Garden for over 15 years


Ambrogio Robot is the automatic lawnmower that tends to any type of garden, small and big, simple and complex, completely on its own and in complete safety.

Designed and manufactured by Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, a company specialising in the production of robots, Ambrogio stands out for its high level of innovation and technology, maximum cutting power, high level of performance, use of high quality materials, Italian style and design, ecological and user-friendly character.Ambrogio was created to improve the quality of your lawn and to make your life easier, allowing you to save time and money. Ambrogio accurately meets the needs of mowing frequency and mowing height, allowing your lawn to look great all year round, without spending time and effort to maintain it! 

How does Ambrogio Robot work


Ambrogio: A tireless, efficient gardener and.....perfectionist!!Ambrogio cuts the grass autonomously and automatically. 

It requires no help or assistance; it operates according to programmed work intervals, alternating cutting cycles with recharging. Ambrogio always knows what to do: it can mow the entire lawn without missing any area; if it encounters an obstacle, it recognises and scans it; if it comes across thicker and higher grass, it activates specific functions to cut it. The robot avoids passing through areas that have already been mowed and when the battery is low, it autonomously looks for the charging station and prepares itself to perform another work cycle!!   

Ecology and Technology

A winning combination


A beautiful and well-cut lawn is the desire of all those who own a garden. 

The duration and the quality of a beautiful lawn depend mainly on the grass cutting and the frequency of which this is done. The more you cut the better your lawn looks, while the optimum height of the lawn is between 2.5 and 3.5 cm.

Frequency and height bring the following advantages:  

  • Increased photosynthetic activity in the leaves
  • Increased stimulation of the growth of the roots
  • Increased coverage (leaf density) of the soil
  • Increased competition in respect of weed

Ambrogio Robot meets these needs to keep your lawn in tip-top shape all year 

Mulching Effect


An eco-friendly  plus for the lawn

The small grass clippings ensure optimal nutrition of the lawn; a constant “natural fertiliser” that increases resistance to disease, drought and insects! The result is a greener, lusher and eco-friendly lawn!! 



Why choose Ambrogio LawnMower

8 benefits that make Ambrogio stand out from its competitors


A legend with a perfect cut

A real lawnmower

Ambrogio is a REAL LAWNMOWER and not just a garden “caretaker.” The star-shaped blades (4 edges) in stainless steel have been designed to ensure a clean, even and fast cut on any type of grassy surface.  



A born climber

The wheels with excellent traction (supported by powerful motors and batteries) allow the robot to easily handle the most difficult slopes. Ambrogio manages slopes of up to 45% (up to 25% near the perimeter wire) without any problems. For the L85 model, the maximum slope is 55% (35% near the wire): the highest on the market. 



Maximum performance in complete safety.

Ambrogio has a CE Certificate that guarantees its compliance with the most stringent international safety standards.

1. Blade protection that prevents accidental contact with the cutting system.
2. Safety sensors that stop the blade if the robot is lifted.
3. The “push stop” button located on the housing allows stopping the robot and blade at any time. 


Rain sensor

What if it rains? Ambrogio knows what to do!

Mowing the grass in the rain may damage the lawn; that's why Ambrogio is equipped with sensors that, in case of rain, alert the robot to return to the charging station until the weather improves.

However, it's up to you! You can always turn off the sensors and let the robot work in the rain: Ambrogio is built to withstand rain!!


A legend with super powers

Guarantee of high performances

Ambrogio is not only an automatic lawnmower, it is also very intelligent and highly evolved:
patented sensors, advanced navigation devices, self-programming to optimise work times, blades with automatically modulated speed based on the height of the grass…and much more!

Many “super powers” to ensure high performance!!


Zero emission and low consumption


Ambrogio is fully electric, which means ZERO emissions! 

How much does Ambrogio consume? For a medium sized lawn, the electricity costs of Ambrogio are just over 1 euro per month!!


The power of a superhero

Maximum Autonomy

Equipped with powerful lithium-ion batteries that ensure longer life, Ambrogio does not need to work for repeated continuous cycles during the day and night. With careful programming, Ambrogio can rest all night and part of the day (or viceversa, according to the needs of the owner), leaving the lawn perfectly manicured.

The Ambrogio technology ensures less work, less wear, longer robot life and greater savings in the long run.


A Legend Born To Last

Reduced wear

All the new models in the Ambrogio range have been designed to last. Every single detail has an innovative feature: hardwearing plastic, sturdy wheels and structure, maximum performance to cover the lawn in the

shortest time possible with the aim of preserving the machine.








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