L30 Alex

Ideal for complex gardens! The triangular shape and presence of only one pivoting front wheel makes Alex ideal for gardens with narrow and tight spaces. The Lithium-ion batteries guarantee 1 hours of continuous operation and the Eco Mode sensor optimises the working times of the robot. The robot is equipped with the ZCS-patented safe blade.

Your garden free and perfectly shaved for more than 19 hours a day!

Max sq.mt suggested:
Up to 500 sq.mt











Triangular shape

With its triangular shape it is agile as it moves around the garden


Mows up to 1 hrs consecutively

Manage up to 2 areas

Allows 2 different areas to be cut. You define which and how much. The robot reaches the area by itself – through narrow passages, along driveways and by crossing yards. It also self-programs the work according to the specific area

Eco Mode

To detect the lawn that has already been mowed and reduce the working hours for the benefit of the lawn and robot


Simple & intuitive display

Safe blade

A ZCS patented blade, which detects the grass and only cuts the grass

Spiral cut

In case of higher and/or thicker grass in an area of the garden, the robot automatically activates the spiral movement for a perfect finish

Algorithm for smart cutting

A system based on advanced cutting algorithms that ensures complete mowing of the area and faster mowing times

Push & stop button

The button positioned on the housing allows stopping the robot and blade at any time

Warranty information

The standard warranty is 24 months parts and labor, 12 months on the battery. This is a typical parts and workmanship statement. The warranty is for the original owner and is not transferable. The warranty is valid only if purchased from an authorized seller like us. There are many 10 year old mowers still in operation. We feel pretty safe to say that the present models should well exceed that. The accessories warranty is 90 days from date of purchase, if purchased from an authorized seller. Can I still have my unit serviced out of warranty or if purchased from an unauthorized seller? Yes you could but will have to pay for the service.

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