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Welcome to Robotech Australia, your one-stop destination for automated lawn care technology. With years of specialised experience, cutting edge technology and a passion for product performance, we’re committed to making our customers’ lives simpler with the most innovative and advanced robotic solutions.

The Journey of Robotech Australia

Based in Australia, Robotech Australia was founded with a singular mission in mind–to harness the power of cutting-edge technology to create effective autonomous gardening solutions. Our company’s journey has always been guided by our commitment to this mission and our passion for innovation.

The Robotech team’s tireless efforts have led us to become Australia’s go-to provider for automated lawn care machines. From day one, we’ve been driven by the ever-evolving needs of Australian consumers, aiming to provide them with products that not only match but surpass their expectations.

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The Robotech Australia Advantage

At Robotech Australia, we take pride in offering top-notch lawn care solutions. So, why should you choose us?

  • Cutting-edge technology: We harness the power of technology to create smart, eco-friendly lawnmowers.
  • Premium Customer Experience: We dedicate ourselves to ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction, providing quality products, superior service and professional support.
  • Lifelong Assistance: We don’t merely sell you products. Instead, we offer lifelong support to ensure your mowers perform optimally for years to come.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a lawn care professional, you’ll appreciate the intelligent technology, efficiency and convenience that Robotech Australia delivers.

The Robotech Australia Fleet

We are the official distributor of Ambrogio and Luba robotic lawn mowers in Australia. These machines marry the best of technology with eco-friendliness to offer unmatched lawn care solutions. The Ambrogio robotic mower, for example, offers intuitive, hands-free mowing that lets you enjoy your weekends, without any worry about lawn maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Robotech Australia

What is Robotech Australia all about?

Robotech Australia is a leading provider of automated lawn care solutions, offering top-notch, eco-friendly robotic lawn mowers. Their goal is to simplify lawn care tasks by integrating innovative and advanced technology into their products.

How has Robotech Australia impacted the lawn care industry?

Robotech Australia has consistently introduced innovative and advanced technologies, revolutionising both the residential and commercial lawn care industry. They have also significantly influenced the market boundaries by bringing an automated approach to lawn care solutions in Australia. 

What brands does Robotech Australia distribute?

Robotech Australia is the official distributor of Ambrogio and Luba robotic lawn mowers in Australia. These lawnmowers combine the best of technology with eco-friendliness, offering unmatched lawn care solutions.

Does Robotech Australia offer customer support after purchasing their products?

Yes, Robotech Australia provides lifelong support to ensure that their mowers perform optimally for years to come. From purchase to post-sale support, they are committed to delivering a premium customer experience.

How does Robotech Australia assist in the installation of automatic mowers?

Installation of automatic mowers from Robotech Australia is straightforward as they provide comprehensive instructions and video support. They also offer installation services for difficult terrains when needed.

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