Do I need to adapt my garden to Ambrogio Robot?
No. Ambrogio Robot will adapt to your garden. You only need to remove stones or any objects on the grass, and fill in any holes in order not to hinder the functionality of Ambrogio Robot.
Which is the best Ambrogio Robot version for my garden?
Multiply the length by the width of your property and compare the result with the measurements given on the Ambrogio Robot technical data sheets. The total surface area should include the house, trees, flower beds and any other features in the area in question. Ambrogio Robot will adapt its operations according to the obstacles present.
Can Ambrogio Robot work on any ground surface?
Yes. Ambrogio Robot moves effectively over any ground surface, including slopes. Under optimal ground conditions, it can manage gradients up to 55%. The wheels of Ambrogio Robot are designed to increase their grip if the ground is slippery. Please see the operating precautions in the section in the operating manual entitled “Preparation and marking the boundaries of the work areas”.
Can Ambrogio Robot cut all types of grass?
Yes. Ambrogio Robot cuts any type of grass in residential gardens, even thick or wet grass. Ambrogio Robot can be programmed to work at night or in the early morning so that you can enjoy your garden during the day.
Why purchase Ambrogio Robot?
Ambrogio Robot cuts grass autonomously and automatically. It does not require your help or assistance. Every day, Ambrogio Robot cuts a few millimetres of grass and leaves the clippings on the ground, fertilizing your lawn in a natural way.
The most common problems that may arise during the normal operation of Ambrogio Robot can be easily identified by consulting the “Troubleshooting” chart in the operating manual. The chart shows the most common problems, causes and tips for possible solutions. You can easily fix some faults, whereas other intervention requires specific technical expertise, therefore we recommend you contact your local Ambrogio Robot dealer, who will promptly restore Ambrogio Robot to its normal operation. We suggest that you read the advice and tips for use in the various sections of the operating manual. In this way, you will avoid any problems due to improper installation or programming.

A legend in your garden for over 15 years.

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