All you need to know about Ambrogio Robot Lawn Mower – Robotic Concept

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT Ambrogio Lawn Mower – Robotic Concept

Ambrogio Robot Lawn Mower is not just a normal lawn mower, it is a robotic concept that gives you the perfect lawn whilst giving you more free time.

To make it understandable we will discuss how Ambrogio Robotic Mower works in a large garden. We will explain:

  • How Ambrogio works
  • How the installation is done
  • How the mower cuts all grass
  • How it can handle every garden
  • Why the grass quality improves so much
  • Anti-theft and safety features
  • How Ambrogio Works

Basically, Ambrogio Lawn Mower consists of three parts: the mower, the charging station and the boundary wire.

Ambrogio Robot works inside an electronic fence created by a loop signal sent from the charging station through the boundary wire: when Ambrogio comes close to the wire it detects the signal, stops and continues in another direction.

Ambrogio works fully automatically: when batteries run low it has several ways that it will ensure it will always return to the charging station.

It can follow a radio signal sent from the charging station and it can also follow the boundary wire back to the charging station. When the battery is fully charged, it returns to work without your intervention.

  • Installation

A Robotic Mower requires time for installation, however this is a one-time effort that will give you a more or less maintenance free lawn for many years.

You can do the installation yourself but the most convenient way is to let your dealer do the job. They use a cost-effective tool that places the wire a few inches on the ground and have experience in all kinds of challenges from other gardens.

The boundary wire is laid around the garden ensuring that Ambrogio will never work outside this area.

The wire can also be placed around flowerbeds and other areas you don’t want to be mowed.

When you place the wires close to each others on the way back, the signal is cancelled and the robotic mower will pass, then you have created what we call “islands”.

Ambrogio Mower has a collision sensor. When it hits something, it will stop and change direction. As it is designed to regularly handle gentle bumps, obstacles like trees and walls don’t always need to be fenced by the boundary wire.

If you have remote areas with narrow passages, guide wires can be laid there to guide the robotic mower through the passage. Some models are also assisted by GPS navigation

  • Movement Pattern

We start the robotic mower on the highest cutting height. The robot works in a free movement pattern. This movement pattern will efficiently let the mower find every challenging corner of the garden: on the bushes, benches, between trees, everywhere. Generally, after two days all grass is cut depending on the size of your garden.

After, we lower the cutting height to get the perfect result.

  • Garden Types

The mower can handle really tough terrain, slopes, holes and temporary obstacles like pine cones and fruits are not a problem. It is designed to work in rain useful if you live in an area with regular rainfall. Ambrogio Automatic Mower is so quite that it can work during the night without disturbing anyone.

You will have total control of its working hours, for example you can chose to let it work only at night so you have the lawn for yourself whenever you like. You can use the display on the mower or the app Ambrogio Remote.

Ambrogio has more than 20 years of experience on robotic lawn mowers and have refined the technology overtime. As a result, Ambrogio Lawnmower is very reliable which is important for the concept, if you live your house for longer periods you can be confident that the lawn will still be maintained while you are away.

After a week you can already see a big difference in the garden. All grass is cut and it will never grow tall again. It is now the Ambrogio Automatic Lawnmower concept begins.

  • Grass Quality

Ambrogio Automatic mower will now continue to work and constantly cut the grass as it grows but just a few millimetres at the time. This is by far the most gentle way to cut grass and the concept keeps moss away.

Before, you probably cut the lawn when the grass was too high and you took off a few centimetres. You might have used the collector to get rid of the clippings however this removes any natural goodness from the soil. The clippings from Ambrogio Automatic robot are just a few millimetres long. They will fall to the soil, mulch and service natural nutrition for your lawn.

Since Ambrogio Lawnmower works with razor sharp blades, the grass is cut with a fine edge which also helps improve the grass quality. There are two available options of cutting systems, one uses a heavy stainless steel blade with high kinetic energy that cuts the thickest grass and even small branches, or you can equip it with safety blades they are very strong but thin, have a low weight and a pivoting. When they hit a hard obstacle they just fold away.

  • Anti-theft and safety features

Ambrogio Lawn Mower has several sensors. When lifted the cutting blade stops and whatever it runs into, the sensors will stop the mower and it will continue in another direction.

Ambrogio Robot is protected from theft in several ways. A Pin code is required for any intervention.

The robot is useless when stolen as it can’t be matched with any other charging station and when reported stolen it will be red listed in all support.

Some models have built in geofence, if brought outside your home the GSM will promptly send you a text message and automatically tracking details. The GPS battery can’t be bypassed or uninstalled and it will provide 2 months of tracking datas.

Ambrogio Robot has a wide range of robotic mowers that suits small to large gardens, all at the same clever technology and capability to handle complex gardens.

In short, when you install Ambrogio Robot mower you will enjoy an almost maintenance free lawn that is nice looking and healthy all year round.

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